May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month

Did you know that about 54 million Americans have osteoporosis or low bone mass, known as osteopenia?  Osteoporosis is a deteriorating bone disease that makes bones more porous causing increased risk of breakage.  Osteoporosis is often called a silent disease because it has few symptoms until a fracture occurs.

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month, reminding us how important it is to be proactive about preventing osteoporosis and maintaining healthy bones.  As with so many other diseases we battle, simple changes to your diet can make a BIG difference in keeping you healthy!  Eating a variety of foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, and other key nutrients is essential to long-term bone health.

To create a bone-healthy diet, follow these important guidelines:

  • Choose at least 3 sources of dairy every day from calcium-rich sources such as yogurt, milk, cheese and cottage cheese.
  • Include plenty of other foods that are good sources of calcium and vitamin D; beans, almonds, canned salmon or sardines with bones and fortified cereal, juice or soy milk.
It is important to consistently consume the recommended daily value of calcium for your age.  While the amounts seem high, it is not that hard to accomplish once you realize a single 8-ounce serving of milk provides 300 mg of calcium.  Here are the recommended guidelines for your reference:
  • Ages 9 to 18: 1300 mg
  • Ages 19 to 50: 1000 mg
  • Ages 51 and above: 1200 mg
Alarmingly,  recent national surveys suggest that many women and girls eat less than half of the recommended daily amount of calcium!!  Healthy bones are the foundation of our body’s strength and vitality.   For the month of May, JTA Wellness encourages you to Savor Strength.  It is never too early — or too late — to begin adding calcium to your daily diet! 
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