Happy Meals

Need more pep in your step? Perhaps a dose of good cheer? The answer could be on your grocery store’s shelves! Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are not only healthy choices, but can also increase happiness, lessen symptoms of depression, and calm anxiety.

How can foods improve our moods? It all comes down to the brain. A healthy cognitive system is key to regulating mood, and certain nutrients have been found to have a profound impact on maintaining normal brain function. To date, research has identified nine nutrients which help combat depression and boost our mood: calcium, chromium, folate, iron, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and zinc. Incorporate more of these foods into your daily eating style to promote long-term happiness and to give you energy throughout the day:
– Dark green leafy vegetables like collard greens, kale and spinach
– Greek yogurt
– High quality protein sources like turkey breast, lean beef and wild salmon
– Healthy fat sources like almonds, walnuts, and avocado

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