Will the next revolutionary innovation in medical devices or life sciences come from Texas?

MedToMarket To Launch HeLiX Innovation Center

Where will the next revolutionary innovation in medical devices or life sciences come from?

Maybe right now, in some young genius’s bedroom, a world changing device is being developed. Don’t laugh. Apple I, the first Apple computer, was made in Steve Wozniak’s bedroom. But there might be a better place for this kind of work.

Silicon Hills – Austin, TX

Austin, TX has firmly established itself as the new U.S. tech hotspot. In biotech alone the city attracted $100 million in investment in 2015. This new wave of progress is highlighted by the 2016 opening of Dell Medical School along with hundreds of biotech startups already calling Austin home.

Now, many other of medical, life science, and healthcare startups are eyeing Austin as a key strategic location, much like Silicon Valley was on the verge of its heyday. This is an exciting time for our area. We plan to provide the space and resources that will help define Austin healthcare and biotech for the next generation.

Life Science CoWorking

Introducing HeLiX CoWorking Lab for Life Science Companies

In response to this unique opportunity, MedtoMarket is launching HeLiX – a co-working space for research, development, and collaboration in the medical, healthcare and life science sectors. By sharing space and costs, biotech and medical device companies have access to resources that might otherwise be unreachable at an early stage.

HeLiX will be the place where innovation, collaboration, and research intertwine to bring forth some of the greatest medical advances of our century.

Ideal members are:

•    Members of the Medical – Life Science – Healthcare Fields

•    Medical Device Industry

•    Medical & Biotech Startups

•    Physician & Nurse Consultants

•    Pharmaceutical Industry

•    Dental Industry

Ecosystem Of Innovation

HeLiX is more than just shared office space in an upscale setting. The project promises to be a melting pot of ideas and exchange. Close contact with others on the cutting edge of science will provide the synergy so valuable to ventures of this kind.

Plus, all members have access to the expert Medical Consulting offered by MedtoMarket. This includes R&D, testing, marketing, sales, and business planning advice. Our state of the art bioskills lab, mock OR, human factors engineering room, dental room, and clinician patient studio all add to the valuable resources available to HeLiX members.

Industry Disruptor

Like many industry transforming ideas, HeLiX is disruptive. This is because it offers the highest quality facilities and resources in a non-institutional setting. This means no barriers to entry and no old guard making claims to any research or projects at HeLiX. All intellectual property and project strategy control remains exclusively with the member only. Consultation is available, but by no means binding or obligatory.

The Best Of All Worlds for Your Office and Lab

A plush stylish office and community setting, state-of-the-art facilities, close contact to new and seasoned innovators – it almost sounds too good to be true. But this dream is becoming a reality with HeLiX.

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