Unite to Prevent Cancer San Antonio Meeting

December 10, 2019
San Antonio, Texas

Ronald DePinho, MD
Professor and Past President, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Harry Graves Burkhart III Distinguished University Chair
Department of Cancer Biology
Co-Founder & Chairman
Unite to Prevent Cancer

Stephanie Young
Co-Founder & Executive Vice President
Unite to Prevent Cancer




Topic: Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap in Cancer Prevention

The incidence of cancer increases dramatically beyond age 60 and extracts a significant societal, emotional and economic toll. With increased life expectancy, we are bracing for a massive increase in disease burden which will readily outstrip our capacity to address the fundamental health care needs of our people. By 2025, more than 1.2 billion individuals will be 60 years of age and older, fueling a 50% increase in cancer cases and loss of 100 million lives worldwide every decade. The good news is that with information in hand today, we can in fact prevent up to 50% of all future cancers.

Dr. Ron DePinho will give us insight on the current state of knowledge of the underlying causes of cancer, how cancer prevention is a childcare obligation for our generation, the collaborative actions we must take to change the tide of this disease, and how we can begin to bridge the Knowing-Doing Gap with an innovative data for health strategy in last-mile geographies and a laser focus on children and youth to achieve healthier outcomes for generations to come.

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