Tvardi Therapeutics Meeting

April 10, 2019
Houston, Texas

Imran Alibhai, Ph.D.
Tvardi Therapeutics




Biotech on the Rise in Houston
A shift in culture and investment in recent years is fueling the rise of Houston as a global player in biotech investment thanks to a maturing symbiotic relationship across top academic institutions, venture capitalists, entrepreneurial academicians, and a growing pool of experienced executive management. With the inflow of investor dollars and programs being further de-risked, we are seeing the next generation of biotech companies surface in Houston. One recent example is Tvardi Therapeutics. Tvardi is a privately held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company located in the Texas Medical Center. The company is led by experienced entrepreneurs, innovative scientists and dedicated physicians including the past president of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Ron DePinho and the most recent Noble Prize winner for medicine, Dr. James Allison. Dr. Imran Alibhai will give us insight on the biotech industry in Houston and how Tvardi is developing breakthrough medicines for cancer, chronic inflammation, and fibrosis.

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