The Inevitable Rise of Brain Wearables

The idea of “brain health” has become popular in recent years as an increasing number of products and services have begun targeting this market. Brain health is loosely categorized as anything that affects thinking, feeling, playing, working, sleeping and memory. Actions that have been shown to improve brain health include being physically active, eating healthy, being social and challenging personal cognitive abilities. Brain wearables are devices that can be put around the head to measure and interpret an individual’s Electroencephalogram (EEG) waves. These innovative products either monitor or control EEG waves further affecting activity, sleep, focus and mood.

The brain wearable industry is diverse as various companies utilize this technology for unique and customizable products. The commercial industry was the first to explore this segment with the “gamer” population comprising most of the market. However, the segment with the most to gain from this technology is the healthcare industry, wherein preventative healthcare and wellness is taking center stage.

Overburdened with rising costs and a growing aging population, consumers are looking toward new technologies to assist in patient monitoring and care. Companies hope that brain wearables could help individuals better address their mental state or better yet establish a baseline of personal brain health with consistent EEG monitoring. Brain wearables could track disease progression or provide other diagnostics measures that are greatly sought after by physicians. One of the more futuristic areas of interest is the ability to control and move objects based on EEG waves. The healthcare industry could greatly benefit from wheelchairs, prostheses and other products that could be controlled by thought.

Brain wearables are portable, user-friendly devices that allow anyone to monitor and track their own progress within the comfort of their home and, more importantly, without medical supervision. Whether it is researchers performing studies or users monitoring their cognitive health, the brain wearable market is one that will continue to grow.


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  1. Who would have thought that in our lifetime we would be able to see that type of technology that can potentially transform our health and the world!

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