CanSurvive Cuisine

The incidence of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing across the globe largely due to lifestyle and dietary changes that enhance risk. San Antonio and South Texas are unfortunately following the rest of the world, experiencing rapid upswings in rates of diabetes, cancer, liver disease and obesity – all of which are tied to chronic inflammation. A San-Antonio based company, CanSurvive Cuisine, LLC has taken up the challenge by introducing a culinary approach focusing on anti-inflammatory foods.

The company is a collaboration between noted cancer prevention researcher, Dr. Michael J. Wargovich (at University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio), and Executive Chef Iverson Brownell. Their start-up company advises hospitals, restaurants, and large organizations on how to incorporate delicious anti-inflammatory foods into everyday living. Working together, Wargovich and Brownell have produced memorable meals at such events as the annual ThriveWell Cancer Foundation luncheon and, in collaboration with chefs at the SA Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, the annual SA Express-News Book and Author Luncheon.

CanSurvive Cuisine, LLC, melds expert recipe and menu development with the latest scientific evidence, supporting inclusion of certain foods over others. Which foods are anti-inflammatory? Based upon his research and the research of other reputed scientists, Dr. Wargovich has validated over 40 herbs and spices as repositories of natural compounds that fight inflammation. Chef Brownell uses this validated scientific basis to create tasty, healthy, easily prepared, anti-inflammatory recipes.

The team concentrates its culinary efforts on the inclusion of things such as green tea, black pepper, ginger, citrus, cumin seed, and rosemary in unconventional yet delicious recipes. The hope is that by increasing the use of flavorful anti-inflammatory foods in the daily diet, individuals will incorporate more health-promoting food choices into every day eating habits and a reversal in the epidemic of chronic inflammation-associated diseases will follow.

In addition to advising large organizations and small businesses, the company has partnered with San Antonio dietician (and fellow-Healthcare Think Tank member) Mrs. Jan Tilley of JTA Wellness for individualized exposure to the CanSurvive menu.

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