There is no substitution for blood

South Texas Blood & Tissue Center asks you to donate this summer

Summer is a struggle for blood centers because high schools don’t have blood drives and many frequent donors are on vacation. But the need for blood remains constant. The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC), a subsidiary of San Antonio nonprofit BioBridge Global, provides lifesaving blood components to hospitals and clinics across 44 counties.

Donated blood goes to help all kinds of patients, including premature babies, organ transplant patients and cancer patients, just to name a few. Jaxson, a five-year-old who was diagnosed at the age of two with cancer was one of the patients that blood donors helped. After multiple chemotherapy rounds and many blood transfusions, Jaxson is in remission and doing great thanks to his doctors, nurses and blood donors.

“If not for blood donors, my son would have not made it,” said Juan Martinez, Jaxson’s father.

There is no substitution for blood. Every two seconds, someone in America needs blood and only four percent of the eligible population donates blood.

You can visit to find a donor room near you, schedule an appointment or learn more about blood donation.

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