IMEG Corp. is one of the largest design consulting firms in the U.S. specializing in high-performing building systems, infrastructure, program management, and construction-related services. The firm has 1,200 dedicated personnel at offices in more than 40 locations, including Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.

IMEG provides all-inclusive engineering design and services in all market sectors and strives to build long-lasting client relationships through its guiding principles, expertise, and collaborative project approach, with core regional teams ensuring strong quality control and client value.

Experts in the field of sustainability, IMEG has more than 200 LEED certified projects, including 23 Platinum and 87 Gold. Founded in 1955, the firm is a Top 10 U.S. Engineering Firm (BD+C), Top 100 Pure Designer (ENR), and #111 among the Top 500 U.S. Design Firms (ENR).

Meet the IMEG team partnering with the Healthcare Think Tank:

Warren Lloyd, based out of Dallas, is a Client Executive/Executive Principal.  IMEG was on the advisory committee and has been a member of the North Texas Healthcare Think Tank since inception.

I’ve been practicing mechanical engineering since I graduated from Bradley University in 1973 as a machine designer, then as a contractor and finally as a consultant for the last 39 years, 34 of those years with IMEG.  The thing I value most is the one-on-one relationship with a client, listening to their needs and doing my best to meet them.  This is most important with healthcare, where design errors can result in injury or fatalities.

The healthcare industry is changing and the Think Tank has been an excellent resource for everyone involved in healthcare delivery to understand and address those changes.   Nowhere else could you meet and hear from most of the leaders that provide healthcare in the DFW area in one year!  The networking is great, and we are proud to be sponsors in three of the four Texas chapters.

Growing up on a farm in Northern Illinois, I learned the value of work and making a difference.  Although I have traveled the world in the engineering business, I  saw relocating to Texas as a good and FINAL career move.  I enjoy working outside on the 25 acres I purchased north of Dallas, because I am technically a farmer, as well as an engineer.  My adult son and I are avid collectors of military surplus and even own a military surplus HUMVEE, which is a real attention getter at the local convenience store!  I enjoy spending time with my three other children and five grandchildren, but don’t get to see them often as they are “scattered” all over the Midwest.

Dave Smith, Principal/Client Executive, based out of San Antonio, joined the San Antonio Healthcare Think Tank in April of 2018.

I am an Electrical Engineer and have spent my entire career of 38 years with IMEG.  I, like Warren, moved to Texas; San Antonio a little less than a year ago from Madison, WI.  My wife and I have a great home in the Hill Country near Boerne that we share with our six dogs and two African Spurred Tortoises.  We are enjoying the new environment and the chance to make new friends.  It’s funny how everyone, kids, grandkids from up north want to come and visit us in the Winter!  I like to think it is me, but really know it is the heated swimming pool.



Jody Albrecht, Business Development, rounds out the Texas team and joined the Austin Healthcare Think Tank in September of 2017.



HTT:  What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

Warren:  IMEG is poised to increase our presence in Texas with organic growth and the acquisition of quality partners, including structural and civil engineering.  In 2019, we are streamlining and unifying our processes to seamlessly add our new partners.  With that goal in mind, we remain fully aware that the success of our business is the one-on-one relationships and trust that we build with our friends and clients.

Dave:  In 2019, I hope to expand our client base to include more hospitals and healthcare facilities within the San Antonio area.  We are looking for clients to give us a try and experience the expertise and exceptional client service that we can provide.

HTT:  What challenges are your clients facing moving forward in healthcare?

Dave:  It is the same old story of trying to do more with less.  While Texas will probably not expand its Medicaid program, current Federal and State programs, along with insurance companies are always looking to reduce costs by reducing reimbursement paid to facilities.  Healthcare systems are therefore creating a distributed approach to healthcare.  Neighborhood clinics, ambulatory centers, rehabilitation and nutrition are examples of care that can be done more cost effectively in Business Class facilities rather than high cost Institutional Class facilities, such as a primary Acute Care Hospital.  Online telemedicine is now covered by most insurance companies which is a preferred service option for Millennials and working families.

HTT: Favorite way(s) in which you help your clients?

Warren:  Being known as a technical resource where clients can ask questions about code compliance, energy efficiencies, cost and benefits of various mechanical and electrical systems.  Most of these concerns have nothing to do with current projects, but help to reinforce the trust and confidence that we have created with that client.  We have many individuals that are members of national healthcare code and standards committees.  We strive to be considered a natural extension of their own staff.

HTT: Have you made connections/relationships through Healthcare Think Tank?

Dave:  Having been in San Antonio less than a year, Think Tank provides a great venue to meet people associated with the healthcare industry.  I try to meet at least one new individual at each meeting.  Many of these quick meetings have led to longer in-depth meetings at a later date.  I would also like to point out that I have learned many new things about healthcare through the great speakers that we have had this past year.

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