How Tech’s Beating Disabilities

What is it that makes someone disabled? In its simplest form, it’s someone that is not able to operate within our world in a customary manner. But with the incredulous advancements in technology, these barriers are being overcome at an amazing rate! As the mother of a “disabled” child, I urge caretakers to stay the course. Endure! Hope is on the way and our world is changing. Tech is curing the very definition of “disabled”.

Here are some of the most recent and amazing game changers on the rise:

Talkitt – This app, created by Voiceitt (an Israeli startup), is transcending communication barriers fortalkitt (2)those with Autism, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Parkinson, ALS, and similar conditions. Their motto, “This is My Voice”, sums it up. This mobile app can essentially convert “damaged” verbal communication into customized and intelligible voice translation, thus giving people back their own voice. It’s amazing and soon to hit the market in full form. For now, it’s at the tail end of beta testing and they’re accepting volunteers and supporters. Go to to sign up!

Mobile Lorm Glove – In a world run off mobile devices, the Mobile Lorm Glove is giving those in the deaf blind community the same type of access. Lorm is a tactile alphabet used commonly in Europe and somewhat in the US. The Lorm Glove is the most advanced of its kind thus far, and allows the user to both send and receivemobile lorm glove (2)
messages through a series of sensors placed in specific points throughout the glove. Interestingly enough, it’s even being considered for purposes far outside the
deaf blind community, such as industrial settings where clear and concise communication is complicated by the environment. Additional information can be found at

SubPac – SubPac is revolutionizing the experience of music far beyond what the ear can hear. Fun for hearing and hearing impaired alike, SubPac takes music to a tactile level. Worn like a back pack, it is able to “translate” sound to touch. Making the music experience more comprehensive, SubPac can allow those with hearing impairment or other audio sensory challenges to truly “feel” the beat. Rather in an educational setting or for recreation, the value of having music incorporated in one’s life is priceless. SubPac makes it possible for subpac image (2)all. Products like these, and so many more, are being developed every day all around the world. Our greatest responsibility is to remain informed and never cease to find ways to overcome these challenges. As we raise our children to become as independent and functional as possible, never forget the words of Helen Keller: “Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” We will persevere and we will find a way!

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