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Opening Keynote

Opening Keynote Address by Dr. David Vequist: Navigating the Future of Healthcare

Join us as Dr. David Vequist, a distinguished professor at the H-E-B School of Business, University of the Incarnate Word, and the visionary founder of UIW’s Center for Medical Tourism Research, kicks off our conference with an enlightening keynote address. Dr. Vequist, renowned for his pioneering research and thought leadership in healthcare trends, medical tourism, and the future of health services, will share his insights into the evolving landscape of global healthcare.

What You’ll Gain from Dr. Vequist’s Talk:

  • Innovative Perspectives: Dr. Vequist will delve into the latest trends and innovations shaping healthcare, drawing on his extensive research and expertise in medical tourism and healthcare economics.
  • Global Healthcare Dynamics: With his unique focus on medical tourism, Dr. Vequist will provide a global perspective on healthcare, discussing how international trends impact local healthcare ecosystems and what that means for future healthcare delivery models.
  • Strategies for Adaptation: Attendees will learn about the strategies healthcare professionals and organizations can employ to adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare environment, ensuring resilience and sustainability.
  • Inspiration for Change: Dr. Vequist’s talk is designed to not only inform but also inspire attendees to think differently about their roles in the healthcare sector. His visionary approach will encourage professionals to innovate and collaborate in new ways to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Dr. Vequist’s address will set the tone for the day, offering a compelling overview of where healthcare is headed and how we can navigate this future together. Attendees can expect to leave the session equipped with valuable insights and inspired to contribute to the transformative journey of healthcare.Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the leading voices in healthcare research and innovation. Join us for a keynote that promises to enlighten, challenge, and inspire.

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