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Healthcare is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries.  The healthcare industry is complex and ever-changing, is divided into many sectors and depends on all sorts of professionals to meet the health needs of individuals and populations. Those involved in healthcare are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver smart health care, both inside and outside hospital walls.

What is a Think Tank?

We connect leaders in Healthcare with community and business leaders…

A think tank, by definition, is an institute, corporation or group organized to study a particular subject and provide information, ideas and advice.  The label “think tank” is more closely associated to efforts to fill very specific information and knowledge gaps for decision-making.

With ever-evolving policies, processes, capabilities and ideas and given the magnitude and complexity impacting the healthcare sector, this combination of “healthcare” and a “think tank” makes sense and now is the perfect time for this vision. The atmosphere we cultivate provides the opportunity for connecting community leaders whose business is in healthcare and those in healthcare.

What started out as a small focus group in San Antonio in March of 2003, Founder Linda Elliott turned into the Healthcare Think Tank. Linda is dedicated to providing companies and individuals with a unique service that will grow their businesses through the power of connecting. These connections and the environment we have established is proving to be a very valuable concept, as we now have chapters in Austin, Houston and North Texas.

Our focus is to learn about healthcare-related topics that impact our community, the country and even the world from the most informed presenters. This may include learning about cutting-edge new devices and technologies, legislative issues, hospital matters, practice management concerns, big data, life sciences, exploring trends and issues impacting providers and patients, and many more topics that are relevant in this very important landscape.

Developing relationships and providing the best possible opportunities for making connections is a high priority for us. We are a family of professionals gathering to grow our minds and our communities in positive and beneficial ways. We are the HEALTHCARE THINK TANK!

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